Business Process Management

Whether your business processes will run smoothly and your company will remain competitive largely depend on the performance of your IT. This means that you, the IT expert, face the tough challenge of providing your company’s business processes with the best possible support, and of monitoring and protecting the functionality of the infrastructure.

However, the reason for a fault in a business process is not always evident without further investigation. There is often a yawning technological gap between the monitoring systems the IT department are using and the centralised views of the company-wide IT services which are crucial if applications or a process are to be used effectively. So a very high-level approach is required which optimally links the central processes to the IT.

Typical issues in the business process management area are:

  • Optimising business processes by assigning IT resources and IT investments in a dedicated way.
  • Minimising downtime and cost reduction
  • Cutting costs by rightsizing IT resources
  • Linking, monitoring and displaying the IT elements involved in a process
  • Cutting downtime by quickly identifying the fault source and eliminating the reason for the disruption in a targeted manner

Controlware can provide detailed advice on integrating a company-wide business process management system, and help you to select, implement and operate the necessary tools.

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Team IT-Management
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